a. Presentation Time

Length of the presentation should be in accordance with the assigned time as follows:

  • Invited Presentation: 30 min, including Q&A
  • Regular Presentation: 17 min, including Q&A

The presentation material (.pptx or .ppt) should be concise and easy to understand

b. Presentation File

Presentation file should be

  • Presentation file should be prepared in MS-PowerPoint or PDF formats in English.
  • If you use fonts other that standard Windows Office 2010, please bring the font files along with the presentation file.
  • Pelase bring your presentation file on a USB memory stick and submit it to the staff of each presentation room at least 15 minutes before the session starts. The staff will load the files to a laptop ready in the room.

c. Visual Equipment

  • Each session room is equipped with following equipments.
    • Laptop computer (Windows 7, MS-Office Powerpoint 2010, USB port)
    • Pointer and mouse
    • Beam projector (HDMI/VGA Port)
    • Screen
  • It is not recommended to bring your own laptop computer (especially Macbook).